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すし/sushi/common sushi/すし/common寿司phonetic reading · ·


すしめし/sushimeshi/ sushimeshi/すしめし/寿司飯 · 鮨飯
  • noun:
    1. rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar and salt, used for preparing sushi;  sushi rice;  —Food term.
すしづめ/sushidume/ sushidume/すしづめ/すし詰め · 鮨詰め · 寿司詰め · 鮨詰
すしや/sushiya/ sushiya/すしや/寿司屋 · 鮨屋
すしのぐ/sushinogu/ sushinogu/すしのぐ/寿司の具
  • noun:
    1. ingredients for sushi  —Food term.
すしだね/sushidane/ sushidane/すしだね/鮨種
  • noun:
    1. sushi topping  —Obscure term.



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