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つむじ/tsumuji/ · せんもう/senmou/ tsumuji/つむじ/ · senmou/せんもう/旋毛
  • noun:
    1. a whorl of hair on the (back of the) head


せんぷう/senpuu/common senpuu/せんぷう/common旋風
つむじかぜ/tsumujikaze/ tsumujikaze/つむじかぜ/旋風 · つむじ風
つじかぜ/tsujikaze/ tsujikaze/つじかぜ/旋風 · 辻風 · つじ風
つむじまがり/tsumujimagari/ tsumujimagari/つむじまがり/旋毛曲がり · つむじ曲がり



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