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Showing entries with verbs only.
ふうじる/fuujiru/common fuujiru/ふうじる/common封じる
ふうじこむ/fuujikomu/ fuujikomu/ふうじこむ/封じ込む
ふうじこめる/fuujikomeru/ fuujikomeru/ふうじこめる/封じ込める
ふうする/fuusuru/ fuusuru/ふうする/諷する
  • する verb (special class) → conjugation:
    1. to hint;  to insinuate;  to satirize;  to satirise
ふうふのえんをむすぶ/fuufunoenwomusubu/ fuufunoenwomusubu/ふうふのえんをむすぶ/夫婦の縁を結ぶ
  • expression / godan ぶ verb → conjugation:
    1. to get married
ふうをきる/fuuwokiru/ fuuwokiru/ふうをきる/封を切る
  • expression / godan る verb → conjugation:
    1. to break the seal
ふうきる/fuukiru/ · ふうぎる/fuugiru/ fuukiru/ふうきる/ · fuugiru/ふうぎる/封切る
ふうずる/fuuzuru/ fuuzuru/ふうずる/封ずる
  • ichidan ずる verb (alt. form of じる verbs) → conjugation / transitive:
    1. to seal (letter)   封じる
    2. to prevent;  to forbid;  to block
ふううんきゅうをつげる/fuuunkyuuwotsugeru/ fuuunkyuuwotsugeru/ふううんきゅうをつげる/風雲急を告げる
  • expression / ichidan verb → conjugation:
    1. to have grown tense (of a situation);  to have become critical (and to be on the verge of a major upheaval)
ふううんにじょうずる/fuuunnijouzuru/ fuuunnijouzuru/ふううんにじょうずる/風雲に乗ずる
  • expression / ichidan ずる verb (alt. form of じる verbs) → conjugation:
    1. to take advantage of the troubled times (of an ambitious adventurer)  —Obscure term.



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