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Showing entries with nouns only.
ふたつ/futatsu/ futatsu/ふたつ/不達
  • noun:
    1. nondelivery
ふたつ/futatsu/ futatsu/ふたつ/弐つ
  • noun:
    1. two (used in old or legal documents)
ふたつ/futatsu/ futatsu/ふたつ/布達
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. notification
  • noun:
    1. pre-1886 administrative order


ふたつめ/futatsume/common futatsume/ふたつめ/common二つ目
ふたつへんじ/futatsuhenji/common futatsuhenji/ふたつへんじ/common二つ返事
  • noun:
    1. immediate (happy) reply
ふたつわり/futatsuwari/ futatsuwari/ふたつわり/二つ割り
  • noun:
    1. half;  cutting in two
ふたつとも/futatsutomo/ futatsutomo/ふたつとも/二つ共
ふたつおき/futatsuoki/ futatsuoki/ふたつおき/二つ置き
  • noun:
    1. every third
ふたつまゆ/futatsumayu/ futatsumayu/ふたつまゆ/二つ繭
  • noun:
    1. double cocoon
ふたつき/futatsuki/ futatsuki/ふたつき/二月
ふたつあて/futatsuate/ · ふたつづつ/futatsudutsu/ futatsuate/ふたつあて/ · futatsudutsu/ふたつづつ/二つ宛
  • noun:
    1. two pieces of;  two pieces each
ふたつき/futatsuki/ futatsuki/ふたつき/蓋付き
  • noun:
    1. having a lid or cover;  container having a lid
ふたつおり/futatsuori/ futatsuori/ふたつおり/二つ折り



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