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Showing entries with nouns only.
まり/mari/ mari/まり/ ·
  • noun:
    1. ball


まりょく/maryoku/common maryoku/まりょく/common魔力
まりし/marishi/ marishi/まりし/摩利支
  • noun:
    1. Marici  —Buddhist term.
まりしてん/marishiten/ marishiten/まりしてん/摩利支天
  • noun:
    1. Marici (Buddhist god of war)  —Buddhist term.
まりなげ/marinage/ marinage/まりなげ/毬投げ
  • noun:
    1. playing catch
まりも/marimo/ · マリモ/MARIMO/ marimo/まりも/ · MARIMO/マリモ/毬藻
  • noun:
    1. marimo (variety of algae, Cladophora aegagropila);  round green alga;  Cladophora ball;  lake ball;  moss ball;  —Usually written using kana alone.



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