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Showing entries with adverbs only.
やっと/yatto/common yatto/やっと/commonやっと


やっとこさ/yattokosa/ · やっとこせ/yattokose/ · やっとこ/yattoko/ yattokosa/やっとこさ/ · yattokose/やっとこせ/ · yattoko/やっとこ/やっとこさ · やっとこせ · やっとこ
  • adverb:
    1. at last;  at length;   やっと[1]
    2. barely;  just;  by the skin of one's teeth
  • interjection:
    1. やっとこさ · やっとこせyo-ho!;  heave-ho!;   やっとこまかせ
やっとのおもいで/yattonoomoide/ yattonoomoide/やっとのおもいで/やっとの思いで
  • expression / adverb:
    1. finally;  after great pains



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