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Showing entries with nouns only.
わし/washi/common washi/わし/common和紙
  • noun:
    1. Japanese paper   洋紙
わし/washi/common · ワシ/WASHI/ washi/わし/common · WASHI/ワシ/
わし/washi/ washi/わし/ ·


わしき/washiki/common washiki/わしき/common和式
  • noun:
    1. Japanese style
わしつ/washitsu/common washitsu/わしつ/common和室
わしょく/washoku/common washoku/わしょく/common和食
わしゃ/washa/ washa/わしゃ/話者
  • noun:
    1. narrator;  speaker
わしょ/washo/ washo/わしょ/和書
わしん/washin/ washin/わしん/和親
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. friendship
わしざ/washiza/ washiza/わしざ/鷲座
  • noun:
    1. Aquila (constellation);  the Eagle;  —.
わしづかみ/washidukami/ washidukami/わしづかみ/鷲掴み · 鷲づかみ
  • noun:
    1. grabbing hold;  eagle grip;  tight hold
わしばな/washibana/ washibana/わしばな/鷲鼻 · わし鼻
ワシばな/WASHIbana/ WASHIbana/ワシばな/ワシ鼻
  • noun:
    1. aquiline nose;  Roman nose;  hook nose
わしょくかいき/washokukaiki/ washokukaiki/わしょくかいき/和食回帰
  • noun:
    1. revival of Japanese food
わしみみずく/washimimizuku/ · ワシミミズク/WASHIMIMIZUKU/ washimimizuku/わしみみずく/ · WASHIMIMIZUKU/ワシミミズク/鷲木菟
  • noun:
    1. Eurasian eagle owl (Bubo bubo)  —Usually written using kana alone.
わしゅうごう/washuugou/ washuugou/わしゅうごう/和集合
  • noun:
    1. union  —Mathematics term.
わしんじょうやく/washinjouyaku/ washinjouyaku/わしんじょうやく/和親条約
  • noun:
    1. treaty of peace and amity;  peace treaty
わしゅ/washu/ washu/わしゅ/和酒
  • noun:
    1. traditional Japanese alcohol (primarily sake, but also shochu and fruit wine)   日本酒
わしゅう/washuu/ washuu/わしゅう/和臭 · 和習
  • noun:
    1. touch of Japanese;  tinge of Japanese;  Japanese flavour (flavor);  Japanese style (e.g. of kanbun writing, in contrast to actual Chinese)
わしょくどころ/washokudokoro/ washokudokoro/わしょくどころ/和食処
  • noun:
    1. Japanese style restaurant;  Japanese style dining hall
わしょくぜん/washokuzen/ washokuzen/わしょくぜん/和食膳
  • noun:
    1. tray of traditional Japanese food



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