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Showing entries with nouns only.
あゆ/ayu/common · アユ/AYU/ ayu/あゆ/common · AYU/アユ/ · 香魚 · 年魚
こうぎょ/kougyo/ kougyo/こうぎょ/香魚
ねんぎょ/nengyo/ nengyo/ねんぎょ/年魚
あい/ai/ ai/あい/
  • noun:
    1. sweetfish (Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis);  ayu;  —Usually written using kana alone.
    2. ねんぎょsalmon  —Archaism.   [1]


あゆかけ/ayukake/ · アユカケ/AYUKAKE/ ayukake/あゆかけ/ · AYUKAKE/アユカケ/鮎掛け
  • noun:
    1. fourspine sculpin (Cottus kazika)  —Usually written using kana alone.
あゆもどき/ayumodoki/ · アユモドキ/AYUMODOKI/ ayumodoki/あゆもどき/ · AYUMODOKI/アユモドキ/鮎擬
  • noun:
    1. kissing loach (Leptobotia curta)  —Usually written using kana alone.



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