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いっこく/ikkoku/common ikkoku/いっこく/common一刻

イチ/ICHI/    イツ/ITSU/    ひと-/hito-/    ひと.つ/hito.tsu/ICHI/イチ/    ITSU/イツ/    hito-/ひと-/    hito.tsu/ひと.つ/

one;  one radical (no.1)

コク/KOKU/    きざ.む/    きざ.み/kiza.mi/KOKU/コク/きざ.む/    kiza.mi/きざ.み/

engrave;  cut fine;  chop;  hash;  mince;  time;  carving

いっこくもはやく/ikkokumohayaku/ ikkokumohayaku/いっこくもはやく/一刻も早く
  • adverb:
    1. immediately;  as soon as possible;  as quickly as possible
いっこくせんきん/ikkokusenkin/ ikkokusenkin/いっこくせんきん/一刻千金
  • expression:
    1. every moment is precious;  time is money;  precious time
いっこくをあらそう/ikkokuwoarasou/ ikkokuwoarasou/いっこくをあらそう/一刻を争う
  • expression / godan う verb → conjugation:
    1. to race against time
いっこくいっこく/ikkokuikkoku/ ikkokuikkoku/いっこくいっこく/一刻一刻
  • noun / adverb:
    1. hourly;  from hour to hour;  moment by moment;  momently;  from one minute to the next;  with each passing moment
ひときざみ/hitokizami/ hitokizami/ひときざみ/一刻み
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. top-notch



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