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いっぴつ/ippitsu/common · ひとふで/hitofude/ ippitsu/いっぴつ/common · hitofude/ひとふで/一筆

イチ/ICHI/    イツ/ITSU/    ひと-/hito-/    ひと.つ/hito.tsu/ICHI/イチ/    ITSU/イツ/    hito-/ひと-/    hito.tsu/ひと.つ/

one;  one radical (no.1)

ヒツ/HITSU/    ふで/fude/HITSU/ヒツ/    fude/ふで/

writing brush;  writing;  painting brush;  handwriting

ひとふでがき/hitofudegaki/ hitofudegaki/ひとふでがき/一筆書き
  • noun:
    1. one-stroke sketch



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