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みかづき/mikaduki/common · みかずき/mikazuki/irregular mikaduki/みかづき/common · mikazuki/みかずき/irregular三日月
  • noun:
    1. new moon;  crescent moon

サン/SAN/    ゾウ//    /mi/    み.つ/mi.tsu/    みっ.つ/miっ.tsu/SAN/サン/    ZOU/ゾウ/    mi//    mi.tsu/み.つ/    miっ.tsu/みっ.つ/


ニチ/NICHI/    ジツ/JITSU/    /hi/    -び/-bi/    -か/-ka/NICHI/ニチ/    JITSU/ジツ/    hi//    -bi/-び/    -ka/-か/

day;  sun;  Japan;  counter for days

ゲツ/GETSU/    ガツ/GATSU/    つき/tsuki/GETSU/ゲツ/    GATSU/ガツ/    tsuki/つき/

month;  moon

みかづきがた/mikadukigata/ mikadukigata/みかづきがた/三日月形
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. crescent shape
みかづきまゆ/mikadukimayu/ mikadukimayu/みかづきまゆ/三日月眉
  • noun:
    1. arched eyebrows
みかづきこ/mikadukiko/ mikadukiko/みかづきこ/三日月湖
  • noun:
    1. oxbow lake;  billabong
みかづきつばめうお/mikadukitsubameuo/ · ミカヅキツバメウオ/MIKAZUKITSUBAMEUO/ mikadukitsubameuo/みかづきつばめうお/ · MIKAZUKITSUBAMEUO/ミカヅキツバメウオ/三日月燕魚
  • noun:
    1. golden spadefish (Platax boersii, species of Indo-West Pacific spadefish found in Indonesia, New Guinea, and the Philippines);  Boer's batfish;  —Usually written using kana alone.



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