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ふしん/fushin/common fushin/ふしん/common不信

/FU/    /BU/FU//    BU//

negative;  non-;  bad;  ugly;  clumsy


faith;  truth;  fidelity;  trust

ふしんにん/fushinnin/common fushinnin/ふしんにん/common不信任
  • noun:
    1. non-confidence;  lack of confidence
ふしんぎ/fushingi/ fushingi/ふしんぎ/不信義
  • noun:
    1. faithlessness;  insincerity
ふしんこう/fushinkou/ fushinkou/ふしんこう/不信仰
  • noun:
    1. lack of faith;  unbelief;  impiety;  infidelity
ふしんじつ/fushinjitsu/ fushinjitsu/ふしんじつ/不信実
  • noun:
    1. insincerity;  unfaithfulness
ふしんじゃ/fushinja/ fushinja/ふしんじゃ/不信者
  • noun:
    1. unbeliever
ふしんじん/fushinjin/ fushinjin/ふしんじん/不信心
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. impiety;  unbelief;  infidelity
ふしんにんあん/fushinnin'an/ fushinnin'an/ふしんにんあん/不信任案
  • noun:
    1. no-confidence motion
ふしんにんとうひょう/fushinnintouhyou/ fushinnintouhyou/ふしんにんとうひょう/不信任投票
  • noun:
    1. nonconfidence vote
ふしんよう/fushin'you/ fushin'you/ふしんよう/不信用
  • noun:
    1. distrust;  discredit
ふしんにんけつぎ/fushinninketsugi/ fushinninketsugi/ふしんにんけつぎ/不信任決議
  • noun:
    1. censure vote
ふしんにんどうぎ/fushinnindougi/ fushinnindougi/ふしんにんどうぎ/不信任動議
  • noun:
    1. censure motion
ふしんかん/fushinkan/ fushinkan/ふしんかん/不信感



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