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せぞく/sezoku/common · せいぞく/seizoku/ sezoku/せぞく/common · seizoku/せいぞく/世俗

セイ/SEI/    /SE/    ソウ//    /yo/    さんじゅう/sanjū/SEI/セイ/    SE//    SOU/ソウ/    yo//    sanjuu/さんじゅう/

generation;  world;  society;  public


vulgar;  customs;  manners;  worldliness;  mundane things

せぞくか/sezokuka/ sezokuka/せぞくか/世俗化
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. secularization;  secularisation;  popularization;  popularisation
せぞくしゅぎ/sezokushugi/ sezokushugi/せぞくしゅぎ/世俗主義
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. secularism
せぞくしん/sezokushin/ sezokushin/せぞくしん/世俗心
  • noun:
    1. worldliness
せぞくてき/sezokuteki/ sezokuteki/せぞくてき/世俗的
せぞくてきヒューマニズム/sezokutekiHYUUMANIZUMU/ sezokutekiHYUUMANIZUMU/せぞくてきヒューマニズム/世俗的ヒューマニズム
  • noun:
    1. secular humanism



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