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へい/hei/common · ひのえ/hinoe/ hei/へい/common · hinoe/ひのえ/
  • noun:
    1. 3rd in rank;  third sign of the Chinese calendar

ヘイ/HEI/    ひのえ/hinoe/HEI/ヘイ/    hinoe/ひのえ/

third class;  3rd;  3rd calendar sign

こうおつへい/kouotsuhei/ kouotsuhei/こうおつへい/甲乙丙
  • noun:
    1. ABC;  1, 2 and 3
ひのえうま/hinoeuma/ · へいご/heigo/ hinoeuma/ひのえうま/ · heigo/へいご/丙午
  • noun:
    1. 43rd year of the sexagenary cycle (year of the Fire Horse, renowned for disasters and the birth of women destined to kill their husbands)
こうおつへいてい/kouotsuheitei/ kouotsuheitei/こうおつへいてい/甲乙丙丁
  • noun:
    1. A, B, C and D;  first, second, third and fourth
へいしゅ/heishu/ heishu/へいしゅ/丙種
へいや/heiya/ heiya/へいや/丙夜
  • noun:
    1. third division of the night (approx. 11 pm to 1 am)  —Archaism.
ひのえとら/hinoetora/ · へいいん/heiin/ hinoetora/ひのえとら/ · heiin/へいいん/丙寅
  • noun:
    1. third of the sexagenary cycle   干支[1]
ひのえね/hinoene/ · へいし/heishi/ hinoene/ひのえね/ · heishi/へいし/丙子
  • noun:
    1. thirteenth of the sexagenary cycle   干支[1]
ひのえいぬ/hinoeinu/ · へいじゅつ/heijutsu/ hinoeinu/ひのえいぬ/ · heijutsu/へいじゅつ/丙戌
  • noun:
    1. twenty-third of the sexagenary cycle   干支[1]
ひのえさる/hinoesaru/ · へいしん/heishin/ hinoesaru/ひのえさる/ · heishin/へいしん/丙申
  • noun:
    1. thirty-third of the sexagenary cycle   干支[1]
ひのえたつ/hinoetatsu/ · へいしん/heishin/ hinoetatsu/ひのえたつ/ · heishin/へいしん/丙辰
  • noun:
    1. 53rd of the sexagenary cycle   干支[1]


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