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ふたまた/futamata/ futamata/ふたまた/二股 · 二俣 · 二叉
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. bifurcation
    2. parting of the ways
    3. two-timing  —Colloquialism.

/NI/    /JI/    ふた/futa/    ふた.つ/futa.tsu/    ふたた.び/    JI//    futa/ふた/    futa.tsu/ふた.つ/ふたた.び/

two;  two radical (no.2)

/KO/    また/mata/    もも/momo/KO//    mata/また/    momo/もも/

thigh;  crotch

ふたまたこうやく/futamatakouyaku/ · ふたまたごうやく/futamatagouyaku/ futamatakouyaku/ふたまたこうやく/ · futamatagouyaku/ふたまたごうやく/二股膏薬
  • noun:
    1. double-dealer;  timeserver;  moving back and forth between two sides in a conflict



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