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ごがつ/gogatsu/common gogatsu/ごがつ/common五月 · 5月
さつき/satsuki/ satsuki/さつき/五月 · 皐月

/GO/    いつ/itsu/    いつ.つ/itsu.tsu/GO//    itsu/いつ/    itsu.tsu/いつ.つ/


ゲツ/GETSU/    ガツ/GATSU/    つき/tsuki/GETSU/ゲツ/    GATSU/ガツ/    tsuki/つき/

month;  moon

さつきばれ/satsukibare/common satsukibare/さつきばれ/common五月晴れ · 五月晴
  • noun:
    1. early-summer fine weather (during rainy season)
さみだれ/samidare/common · さつきあめ/satsukiame/ samidare/さみだれ/common · satsukiame/さつきあめ/五月雨
  • noun:
    1. early-summer rain
ごがつのせっく/gogatsunosekku/ gogatsunosekku/ごがつのせっく/五月の節句
  • noun:
    1. Boy's Festival
さつきやみ/satsukiyami/ satsukiyami/さつきやみ/五月闇
  • noun:
    1. dark night in the rainy season
ごがつにんぎょう/gogatsuningyou/ gogatsuningyou/ごがつにんぎょう/五月人形
  • noun:
    1. Boys' May Festival dolls
ごがつのぼり/gogatsunobori/ · さつきのぼり/satsukinobori/ gogatsunobori/ごがつのぼり/ · satsukinobori/さつきのぼり/五月幟
  • noun:
    1. Boys' Festival paper-carp streamers
ごがつびょう/gogatsubyou/ gogatsubyou/ごがつびょう/五月病
  • noun:
    1. blues experienced by college freshmen or workplace recruits shortly after beginning school or work;  the May blues
ごがつさい/gogatsusai/ gogatsusai/ごがつさい/五月祭
  • noun:
    1. May Day;  May Festival
さみだれしき/samidareshiki/ samidareshiki/さみだれしき/五月雨式
  • noun:
    1. intermittent (off and on) manner;  dragging on and on
さみだれぐも/samidaregumo/ samidaregumo/さみだれぐも/五月雨雲
  • noun:
    1. cloud during rainy season  —Archaism.
さつきつつじ/satsukitsutsuji/ · サツキツツジ/SATSUKITSUTSUJI/ satsukitsutsuji/さつきつつじ/ · SATSUKITSUTSUJI/サツキツツジ/五月躑躅
  • noun:
    1. satsuki azalea (Rhododendron indicum)  —Usually written using kana alone.   さつき【五月】
ごがつかくめい/gogatsukakumei/ gogatsukakumei/ごがつかくめい/五月革命
  • noun:
    1. events of May 1968 (strikes, protests and riots in France)



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