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ていしゅ/teishu/common teishu/ていしゅ/common亭主
ていご/teigo/ teigo/ていご/亭午
  • noun:
    1. noon
ていしゅかんぱく/teishukanpaku/ teishukanpaku/ていしゅかんぱく/亭主関白
  • noun:
    1. husband who rules the roost;  domineering husband
    2. the hectoring of the husband
ていてい/teitei/ teitei/ていてい/亭亭 · 亭々
  • たる adjective → conjugation / adverb taking the と particle:
    1. lofty (tree)
ていしゅのすきなあかえぼし/teishunosukinaakaeboshi/ teishunosukinaakaeboshi/ていしゅのすきなあかえぼし/亭主の好きな赤烏帽子
  • expression:
    1. Family members should fall into line with the head of the family even if his taste is a little odd, like wearing a red eboshi, which is ordinarily black  —Archaism.   烏帽子

テイ/TEI/    チン/CHIN/TEI/テイ/    CHIN/チン/

pavilion;  restaurant;  mansion;  arbor;  cottage;  vaudeville;  music hall;  stage name


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