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ほとけ/hotoke/common hotoke/ほとけ/common
ふつ/futsu/ futsu/ふつ/
ぶつ/butsu/ butsu/ぶつ/

ブツ/BUTSU/    フツ/FUTSU/    ほとけ/hotoke/BUTSU/ブツ/    FUTSU/フツ/    hotoke/ほとけ/

Buddha;  the dead;  France

ぶっきょう/bukkyou/common bukkyou/ぶっきょう/common仏教 · 佛教outdated
ぶつぞう/butsuzou/common butsuzou/ぶつぞう/common仏像
ふつご/futsugo/common futsugo/ふつご/common仏語
だいぶつ/daibutsu/common daibutsu/だいぶつ/common大仏
ふつぶん/futsubun/common futsubun/ふつぶん/common仏文
  • noun:
    1. French;  French writing;  French literature
ぶつだん/butsudan/common butsudan/ぶつだん/common仏壇
  • noun:
    1. Buddhist (household) altar
とふつ/tofutsu/common tofutsu/とふつ/common渡仏
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. going to France
ふつりょう/futsuryou/common futsuryou/ふつりょう/common仏領
  • noun:
    1. French possession;  French territory
ねんぶつ/nenbutsu/common nenbutsu/ねんぶつ/common念仏
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. Buddhist prayer;  prayer to Amitabha
せきぶつ/sekibutsu/common · いしぼとけ/ishibotoke/ sekibutsu/せきぶつ/common · ishibotoke/いしぼとけ/石仏
  • noun:
    1. stone Buddhist image
    2. いしぼとけunemotional person;  taciturn person
しんぶつ/shinbutsu/common · かみほとけ/kamihotoke/ shinbutsu/しんぶつ/common · kamihotoke/かみほとけ/神仏
  • noun:
    1. gods and buddhas;  gods and Buddha
    2. しんぶつShinto and Buddhism
ぶつがく/butsugaku/common butsugaku/ぶつがく/common仏学
  • noun:
    1. Buddhist learning
ぶっかく/bukkaku/common bukkaku/ぶっかく/common仏閣
ぶってん/butten/common butten/ぶってん/common仏典
  • noun:
    1. Buddhist scriptures;  sutras
ぶつでん/butsuden/common butsuden/ぶつでん/common仏殿
  • noun:
    1. Buddhist temple
ぶつま/butsuma/common butsuma/ぶつま/common仏間
  • noun:
    1. Buddhist family chapel;  altar room
ぶつぜん/butsuzen/common butsuzen/ぶつぜん/common仏前
  • noun:
    1. before the Buddha or a mortuary tablet
ぶっとう/buttou/common buttou/ぶっとう/common仏塔
  • noun:
    1. pagoda
ぶっぽう/buppou/common buppou/ぶっぽう/common仏法
  • noun:
    1. Buddhism
じょうぶつ/joubutsu/common joubutsu/じょうぶつ/common成仏
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. entering Nirvana;  becoming a Buddha
    2. going to heaven;  resting in peace;  dying (peacefully)
ぶつぐ/butsugu/common · ぶぐ/bugu/ butsugu/ぶつぐ/common · bugu/ぶぐ/仏具
  • noun:
    1. Buddhist altar equipment
ぶっし/busshi/common busshi/ぶっし/common仏師
  • noun:
    1. Buddhist image maker

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