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なかま/nakama/common nakama/なかま/common仲間
ちゅうかい/chuukai/common chuukai/ちゅうかい/common仲介
ちゅうかく/chuukaku/common chuukaku/ちゅうかく/common中核 · 仲核
  • noun:
    1. kernel;  core;  nucleus;  resident control program;  —IT term.
ちゅうだん/chuudan/common chuudan/ちゅうだん/common中断 · 仲断
ちゅうさい/chuusai/common chuusai/ちゅうさい/common仲裁
なこうど/nakoudo/common nakoudo/なこうど/common仲人
ちゅうにん/chuunin/ chuunin/ちゅうにん/仲人 · 中人
  • noun:
    1. 仲人go-between;  matchmaker
    2. 中人child in elementary or middle school
なかよし/nakayoshi/common nakayoshi/なかよし/common仲良し · 仲好し · 仲よし · 仲好irregular
なかがい/nakagai/common nakagai/なかがい/common仲買
  • noun:
    1. brokerage
なかだち/nakadachi/common nakadachi/なかだち/common仲立ち · 仲立irregular ·
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. mediation;  agency;  agent;  mediator;  middleman;  go-between
なかい/nakai/common nakai/なかい/common仲居 · 中居
  • noun:
    1. waitress (in a ryokan or traditional restaurant);  hostess
ちゅうしゅう/chuushuu/common · ちゅうじゅう/chuujuu/ chuushuu/ちゅうしゅう/common · chuujuu/ちゅうじゅう/中秋 · 仲秋
なかあき/nakaaki/ nakaaki/なかあき/仲秋
  • noun:
    1. 15th day of the 8th lunar month  —Usu. 中秋.
    2. なかあきeighth month of the lunar calendar  —Obsolete term.   葉月
なかね/nakane/common nakane/なかね/common中値 · 仲値
  • noun:
    1. medium or average price
ちゅうか/chuuka/ chuuka/ちゅうか/仲夏
  • noun:
    1. midsummer
    2. fifth month of the lunar calendar  —Obsolete term.   皐月[1]
ちゅうげん/chuugen/ chuugen/ちゅうげん/中間 · 仲間
ちゅうけい/chuukei/ chuukei/ちゅうけい/仲兄
  • noun:
    1. the younger of two elder brothers
ちゅうしゅん/chuushun/ chuushun/ちゅうしゅん/仲春 · 中春
  • noun:
    1. second month of the lunar calendar  —Obsolete term.   如月
    2. 中春15th day of the second month of the lunar calendar (around mid-spring)  —Obscure term.
ちゅうとう/chuutou/ chuutou/ちゅうとう/仲冬 · 中冬
  • noun:
    1. eleventh month of the lunar calendar  —Obsolete term.
ちゅうほ/chuuho/ chuuho/ちゅうほ/仲保
  • noun:
    1. mediation;  intercession
なかし/nakashi/ nakashi/なかし/中仕 · 仲仕
  • noun:
    1. longshoreman;  baggageman
なかみせ/nakamise/ nakamise/なかみせ/仲見世 · 仲店
  • noun:
    1. nakamise;  shops lining a passageway in the precincts of a Shinto shrine
ちゅうりょ/chuuryo/ · ちゅうろ/chuuro/ chuuryo/ちゅうりょ/ · chuuro/ちゅうろ/仲呂 · 中呂
  • noun:
    1. (in China) 6th note of the ancient chromatic scale (approx. G)   十二律  /  双調
    2. fourth lunar month

チュウ/CHŪ/    なか/naka/CHUU/チュウ/    naka/なか/

go-between;  relationship


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