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ぶっきょう/bukkyou/common bukkyou/ぶっきょう/common仏教 · 佛教outdated
ふらんす/furansu/ · フランス/FURANSU/ furansu/ふらんす/ · FURANSU/フランス/仏蘭西 · 佛蘭西
くしぶっしょう/kushibusshou/ kushibusshou/くしぶっしょう/狗子仏性 · 狗子佛性outdated
  • noun:
    1. "Does a dog have Buddha nature?" (classic Zen koan)  —Buddhist term.   公案
ぶっしゅ/busshu/ busshu/ぶっしゅ/仏種 · 佛種
  • noun:
    1. seed of Buddhahood  —Buddhist term.
    2. something that makes it possible to attain Buddhahood
    3. teaching of Buddha which make it possible to be enlightened
じぶつどう/jibutsudou/ jibutsudou/じぶつどう/持佛堂
  • noun:
    1. hall or room where a private Buddha statue or ancestor tablets are kept   仏間

ブツ/BUTSU/    フツ/FUTSU/    ほとけ/hotoke/BUTSU/ブツ/    FUTSU/フツ/    hotoke/ほとけ/



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