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Showing entries with nouns only.
さくがら/sakugara/common sakugara/さくがら/common作柄

サク/SAKU/    /SA/    つく.る/    つく.り/tsuku.ri/    -づく.り/-duku.ri/SAKU/サク/    SA//つく.る/    tsuku.ri/つく.り/    -duku.ri/-づく.り/

make;  production;  prepare;  build

ヘイ/HEI/    がら/gara/    /e/    つか/tsuka/HEI/ヘイ/    gara/がら/    e//    tsuka/つか/

design;  pattern;  build;  nature;  handle;  crank;  grip;  knob;  shaft



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