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しめい/shimei/common shimei/しめい/common使命


/SHI/    つか.う/tsuka.u/    つか.い/tsuka.i/    -つか.い/-tsuka.i/    -づか.い/-duka.i/SHI//    tsuka.u/つか.う/    tsuka.i/つか.い/    -tsuka.i/-つか.い/    -duka.i/-づか.い/

use;  send on a mission;  order;  messenger;  envoy;  ambassador;  cause

メイ/MEI/    ミョウ/MYŌ/    いのち/inochi/MEI/メイ/    MYOU/ミョウ/    inochi/いのち/

fate;  command;  decree;  destiny;  life;  appoint

しめいしゃ/shimeisha/ shimeisha/しめいしゃ/使命者
  • noun:
    1. messenger
しめいいしき/shimeiishiki/ shimeiishiki/しめいいしき/使命意識
  • noun:
    1. sense of (one's) mission;  awareness of one's duty (calling)
しめいかん/shimeikan/ shimeikan/しめいかん/使命感
  • noun:
    1. sense of duty;  sense of purpose



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