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ぞく/zoku/common · しょく/shoku/obsolete zoku/ぞく/common · shoku/しょく/obsolete


vulgar;  customs;  manners;  worldliness;  mundane things

ふうぞく/fuuzoku/common fuuzoku/ふうぞく/common風俗
みんぞく/minzoku/common minzoku/みんぞく/common民俗
  • noun:
    1. folk customs;  folkways;  ethnic customs
ぞくに/zokuni/common zokuni/ぞくに/common俗に
  • adverb:
    1. as slang;  commonly
ふうぞくえいぎょう/fuuzokueigyou/common fuuzokueigyou/ふうぞくえいぎょう/common風俗営業
  • noun:
    1. business offering food and entertainment;  cabaret, club and restaurant business
    2. sex industry
せぞく/sezoku/common · せいぞく/seizoku/ sezoku/せぞく/common · seizoku/せいぞく/世俗
ぞくご/zokugo/common zokugo/ぞくご/common俗語
つうぞくてき/tsuuzokuteki/common tsuuzokuteki/つうぞくてき/common通俗的
みんぞくげいのう/minzokugeinou/common minzokugeinou/みんぞくげいのう/common民俗芸能
  • noun:
    1. folk entertainment
しゅうぞく/shuuzoku/common shuuzoku/しゅうぞく/common習俗
  • noun:
    1. manners and customs;  folkways;  usage
りょうぞく/ryouzoku/common ryouzoku/りょうぞく/common良俗
  • noun:
    1. good custom
どぞく/dozoku/common dozoku/どぞく/common土俗
  • noun:
    1. local customs
つうぞく/tsuuzoku/common tsuuzoku/つうぞく/common通俗
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. popular;  common
ていぞく/teizoku/common teizoku/ていぞく/common低俗
ぞくせつ/zokusetsu/common zokusetsu/ぞくせつ/common俗説
  • noun:
    1. common saying;  popular version;  folklore;  tradition
いぞく/izoku/ izoku/いぞく/夷俗
  • noun:
    1. customs of the barbarians
がぞく/gazoku/ gazoku/がぞく/雅俗
  • noun:
    1. refined and vulgar;  classical and colloquial
げんぞく/genzoku/ genzoku/げんぞく/還俗
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. return to secular life;  secularization;  secularisation
きゅうぞく/kyuuzoku/ kyuuzoku/きゅうぞく/旧俗
  • noun:
    1. old customs
こぞく/kozoku/ kozoku/こぞく/古俗
  • noun:
    1. old custom
しゅうぞく/shuuzoku/ shuuzoku/しゅうぞく/州俗
  • noun:
    1. local customs
じゅんぷうびぞく/junpuubizoku/ junpuubizoku/じゅんぷうびぞく/醇風美俗 · 淳風美俗
  • noun:
    1. good morals and manners;  genial manners and laudable customs;  pristine way of life
せぞくか/sezokuka/ sezokuka/せぞくか/世俗化
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. secularization;  secularisation;  popularization;  popularisation
せぞくしゅぎ/sezokushugi/ sezokushugi/せぞくしゅぎ/世俗主義
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. secularism
せぞくしん/sezokushin/ sezokushin/せぞくしん/世俗心
  • noun:
    1. worldliness

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