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Showing entries with nouns only.
しんたく/shintaku/common shintaku/しんたく/common信託
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. trust;  entrusting


faith;  truth;  fidelity;  trust

タク/TAKU/    かこつ.ける/kakotsu.keru/    かこ.つ/kako.tsu/    かこ.つける/kako.tsukeru/TAKU/タク/    kakotsu.keru/かこつ.ける/    kako.tsu/かこ.つ/    kako.tsukeru/かこ.つける/

consign;  requesting;  entrusting with;  pretend;  hint

しんたくとうち/shintakutouchi/common shintakutouchi/しんたくとうち/common信託統治
  • noun:
    1. trusteeship
しんたくがいしゃ/shintakugaisha/ shintakugaisha/しんたくがいしゃ/信託会社
  • noun:
    1. trust company
しんたくぎょう/shintakugyou/ shintakugyou/しんたくぎょう/信託業
  • noun:
    1. trust business
しんたくけいやく/shintakukeiyaku/ shintakukeiyaku/しんたくけいやく/信託契約
  • noun:
    1. trust agreement
しんたくしきん/shintakushikin/ shintakushikin/しんたくしきん/信託資金
  • noun:
    1. trust fund
しんたくとうし/shintakutoushi/ shintakutoushi/しんたくとうし/信託投資
  • noun:
    1. trust investment
しんたくぎんこう/shintakuginkou/ shintakuginkou/しんたくぎんこう/信託銀行
  • noun:
    1. trust bank
しんたくききん/shintakukikin/ shintakukikin/しんたくききん/信託基金
  • noun:
    1. trust fund
しんたくほうしゅう/shintakuhoushuu/ shintakuhoushuu/しんたくほうしゅう/信託報酬
  • noun:
    1. trust fee
しんたくとうちりじかい/shintakutouchirijikai/ shintakutouchirijikai/しんたくとうちりじかい/信託統治理事会
  • noun:
    1. Trusteeship Council
しんたくぎょうむ/shintakugyoumu/ shintakugyoumu/しんたくぎょうむ/信託業務
  • noun:
    1. trust business;  trust operations;  fiduciary work



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