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あたい/atai/common atai/あたい/common · · outdated
/ne/ ne// ·

/CHI/    /ne/    あたい/atai/CHI//    ne//    atai/あたい/

price;  cost;  value

おわりね/owarine/common owarine/おわりね/common終値 · 終わり値 · 終り値
かちかん/kachikan/common kachikan/かちかん/common価値観
かち/kachi/common kachi/かち/common価値
ねあげ/neage/common neage/ねあげ/common値上げ · 値上
たかね/takane/common takane/たかね/common高値
ねだん/nedan/common nedan/ねだん/common値段 · 直段
すうち/suuchi/common suuchi/すうち/common数値
ねさげ/nesage/common nesage/ねさげ/common値下げ
やすね/yasune/common yasune/やすね/common安値
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. low price
へんさち/hensachi/common hensachi/へんさち/common偏差値
  • noun:
    1. deviation value (usu. scaled to mean of 50, standard deviation of 10, and often used for academic grades);  deviation;  T-score;  standard score
ねあがり/neagari/common neagari/ねあがり/common値上がり
ねびき/nebiki/common nebiki/ねびき/common値引き · 値引
ねさがり/nesagari/common nesagari/ねさがり/common値下がり
いきち/ikichi/common ikichi/いきち/common閾値 · いき値
しきいち/shikiichi/common shikiichi/しきいち/common閾値 · しきい値
  • noun:
    1. threshold (amount, dose, etc.)
けいけんち/keikenchi/common keikenchi/けいけんち/common経験値
  • noun:
    1. experience point (in an RPG, etc.);  exp
ねうち/neuchi/common neuchi/ねうち/common値打ち · 値打 · 値うち
はんね/hanne/common hanne/はんね/common半値
したね/shitane/common shitane/したね/common下値
  • noun:
    1. lowest price
そこね/sokone/common sokone/そこね/common底値
  • noun:
    1. bottom price
けっとうち/kettouchi/common kettouchi/けっとうち/common血糖値
  • noun:
    1. blood sugar level
ねくずれ/nekuzure/common nekuzure/ねくずれ/common値崩れ
ねはば/nehaba/common nehaba/ねはば/common値幅 · 値巾
  • noun:
    1. price range or fluctuation
ひけね/hikene/common hikene/ひけね/common引け値
  • noun:
    1. closing quotations
りようかち/riyoukachi/common riyoukachi/りようかち/common利用価値
  • noun:
    1. utility value

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