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けんやく/ken'yaku/common ken'yaku/けんやく/common倹約

ケン/KEN/    つま.しい/tsuma.shii/    つづまやか/tsudumayaka/KEN/ケン/    tsuma.shii/つま.しい/    tsudumayaka/つづまやか/

frugal;  economy;  thrifty

ヤク/YAKU/    つづ.まる/tsudu.maru/    つづ.める/tsudu.meru/    つづま.やか/tsuduma.yaka/YAKU/ヤク/    tsudu.maru/つづ.まる/    tsudu.meru/つづ.める/    tsuduma.yaka/つづま.やか/

promise;  approximately;  shrink

けんやくか/ken'yakuka/ ken'yakuka/けんやくか/倹約家
けんやくれい/ken'yakurei/ ken'yakurei/けんやくれい/倹約令
  • noun:
    1. laws regulating expenditures;  sumptuary edicts;  thrift ordinance



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