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へんさ/hensa/ hensa/へんさ/偏差
  • noun:
    1. deflection;  deviation;  variation;  declination;  drift

ヘン/HEN/    かたよ.る/ヘン/かたよ.る/

partial;  side;  left-side radical;  inclining;  biased

/SA/    さ.す/    さ.し/sa.shi/SA//さ.す/    sa.shi/さ.し/

distinction;  difference;  variation;  discrepancy;  margin;  balance

へんさち/hensachi/common hensachi/へんさち/common偏差値
  • noun:
    1. deviation value (usu. scaled to mean of 50, standard deviation of 10, and often used for academic grades);  deviation;  T-score;  standard score
へんさちきょういく/hensachikyouiku/ hensachikyouiku/へんさちきょういく/偏差値教育
  • noun:
    1. deviation-value-oriented education;  education focussed on test results;  education that stresses studying and passing exams to raise one's ranking;  academic cramming



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