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ぐうぜん/guuzen/common guuzen/ぐうぜん/common偶然

グウ//    たま/tama/GUU/グウ/    tama/たま/

accidentally;  even number;  couple;  man & wife;  same kind

ゼン/ZEN/    ネン/NEN/    しか/shika/    しか.り/shika.ri/    しか.し/shika.shi/    /sa/ZEN/ゼン/    NEN/ネン/    shika/しか/    shika.ri/しか.り/    shika.shi/しか.し/    sa//

sort of thing;  so;  if so;  in that case;  well

ぐうぜんろん/guuzenron/ guuzenron/ぐうぜんろん/偶然論
  • noun:
    1. (philosophical) casualism



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