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そう/sou/common sou/そう/common


Buddhist priest;  monk

そうりょ/souryo/common souryo/そうりょ/common僧侶
こぞう/kozou/common kozou/こぞう/common小僧
にそう/nisou/common nisou/にそう/common尼僧
そうどう/soudou/common soudou/そうどう/common僧堂
  • noun:
    1. temple meditation hall or certain other temple structures
こうそう/kousou/common kousou/こうそう/common高僧
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. high priest;  virtuous priest
だいそうじょう/daisoujou/common daisoujou/だいそうじょう/common大僧正
  • noun:
    1. high priest
ぜんそう/zensou/common zensou/ぜんそう/common禅僧
  • noun:
    1. Zen priest
そういん/souin/common souin/そういん/common僧院
  • noun:
    1. monastery;  temple
そうせき/souseki/common souseki/そうせき/common僧籍
  • noun:
    1. priesthood  —Buddhist term.
いたずらこぞう/itazurakozou/ itazurakozou/いたずらこぞう/悪戯小僧
  • noun:
    1. mischievous boy
あくそう/akusou/ akusou/あくそう/悪僧
  • noun:
    1. dissolute priest
げそう/gesou/ gesou/げそう/下僧
  • noun:
    1. low-rank priest
がくそう/gakusou/ gakusou/がくそう/学僧
  • noun:
    1. learned priest pursuing his studies
こむそう/komusou/ komusou/こむそう/虚無僧
  • noun:
    1. begging Zen priest of the Fuke sect (wearing a sedge hood and playing a shakuhachi flute)
ぐんそう/gunsou/ gunsou/ぐんそう/軍僧
  • noun:
    1. chaplain
しそう/shisou/ shisou/しそう/師僧
  • noun:
    1. priestly teacher
じそう/jisou/ jisou/じそう/侍僧
  • noun:
    1. acolyte
わかぞう/wakazou/ wakazou/わかぞう/若僧
  • noun:
    1. youngster;  neophyte
じゅうそう/juusou/ juusou/じゅうそう/住僧
  • noun:
    1. chief priest (of a Buddhist temple)
しょうべんこぞう/shoubenkozou/ shoubenkozou/しょうべんこぞう/小便小僧
  • noun:
    1. Manneken Pis (cupid-like statue urinating into a fountain);  Petit Julien
そうあん/souan/ souan/そうあん/僧庵
  • noun:
    1. priest's hermitage
そうあんせいかつ/souanseikatsu/ souanseikatsu/そうあんせいかつ/僧庵生活
  • noun:
    1. hermit life
そうい/soui/ soui/そうい/僧位
  • noun:
    1. priestly rank
そうい/soui/ soui/そうい/僧衣
  • noun:
    1. priest's garb

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