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りくぎ/rikugi/ · ろくぎ/rokugi/ rikugi/りくぎ/ · rokugi/ろくぎ/六義
  • noun:
    1. six forms of the Shi Jing (genre: folk song, festal song, hymn; style: narrative, explicit comparison, implicit comparison)
    2. six forms of waka (allegorical, enumerative, metaphorical, allusive, plain, congratulatory)
    3. six principles of calligraphy
    4. six classes of kanji characters   六書[1]

ロク/ROKU/    リク/RIKU/    /mu/    む.つ/mu.tsu/    むっ.つ/muっ.tsu/    むい/mui/ROKU/ロク/    RIKU/リク/    mu//    mu.tsu/む.つ/    muっ.tsu/むっ.つ/    mui/むい/



righteousness;  justice;  morality;  honor;  loyalty;  meaning



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