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ろくどう/rokudou/ rokudou/ろくどう/六道
  • noun:
    1. the six realms (Deva realm, Asura realm, Human realm, Animal realm, Hungry Ghost realm, Nakara realm)  —Buddhist term.

ロク/ROKU/    リク/RIKU/    /mu/    む.つ/mu.tsu/    むっ.つ/muっ.tsu/    むい/mui/ROKU/ロク/    RIKU/リク/    mu//    mu.tsu/む.つ/    muっ.tsu/むっ.つ/    mui/むい/


ドウ//    トウ//    みち/michi/DOU/ドウ/    TOU/トウ/    michi/みち/

road-way;  street;  district;  journey;  course;  moral;  teachings

ろくどうりんね/rokudourinne/ rokudourinne/ろくどうりんね/六道輪廻
  • noun:
    1. endless circle of transmigration in the six posthumous worlds
ろくどうせん/rokudousen/ rokudousen/ろくどうせん/六道銭
  • noun:
    1. six coins placed in a casket (said to be to pay the fare to cross the River Sanzu)   三途の川



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