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そこ/soko/common soko/そこ/common其処
それどころ/soredokoro/ soredokoro/それどころ/其れ処 · 其処

/KI/    /GI/    /GO/    それ/sore/    その/sono/KI//    GI//    GO//    sore/それ/    sono/その/


ショ/SHO/    ところ/tokoro/    -こ/-ko/    お.る/ショ/    tokoro/ところ/    -ko/-こ/お.る/

dispose;  manage;  deal with;  sentence;  condemn;  act;  behave;  place

そこで/sokode/common sokode/そこで/common其処で
そこらへん/sokorahen/common sokorahen/そこらへん/commonそこら辺 · 其処等辺
そこいら/sokoira/ sokoira/そこいら/其処いら
そこら/sokora/ sokora/そこら/其処ら
そこここ/sokokoko/ sokokoko/そこここ/其処此処
  • noun:
    1. here and there;  in places;  —Usually written using kana alone.
そこかしこ/sokokashiko/ sokokashiko/そこかしこ/其処彼処 · 其所彼所
  • expression:
    1. here and there;  everywhere
そこもと/sokomoto/ sokomoto/そこもと/其処許 · 其許
  • noun:
    1. that place;  there;  —Archaism.
  • pronoun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. you (usu. used by samurai when speaking to their equals or inferiors)
そこな/sokona/ sokona/そこな/其処な
  • pre-noun adjectival:
    1. there  —Usually written using kana alone.  Archaism.
そこらじゅう/sokorajuu/ sokorajuu/そこらじゅう/そこら中 · 其処ら中
  • noun:
    1. everywhere;  all over the place



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