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さつ/satsu/common satsu/さつ/common

サツ/SATSU/    サク/SAKU/    ふみ/fumi/SATSU/サツ/    SAKU/サク/    fumi/ふみ/

tome;  counter for books;  volume

さっし/sasshi/common sasshi/さっし/common冊子
  • noun:
    1. book;  booklet;  story book;  pamphlet;  notebook
しょうさっし/shousasshi/common shousasshi/しょうさっし/common小冊子
べっさつ/bessatsu/common bessatsu/べっさつ/common別冊 · 別册outdated
  • noun:
    1. separate volume;  extra issue;  supplement;  additional volume;  supplementary volume
さっすう/sassuu/common sassuu/さっすう/common冊数
たんざく/tanzaku/ · たんじゃく/tanjaku/common tanzaku/たんざく/ · tanjaku/たんじゃく/common短冊 · 短籍 · 短尺
  • noun:
    1. long, narrow card on which Japanese poems are written (vertically);  strip of paper
    2. thin rectangle  —Abbreviation.   短冊形
そうし/soushi/common soushi/そうし/common草紙 · 草子 · 双紙 · 冊子
  • noun:
    1. written work (esp. a bound text, as opposed to a scroll)
    2. a text written entirely in kana
    3. graphic novel (esp. one created between the 12th and 19th centuries)
    4. notebook (for practicing kana, drawing pictures, etc.)
    5. rough draft
ぶんさつ/bunsatsu/common bunsatsu/ぶんさつ/common分冊
いっさつ/issatsu/ issatsu/いっさつ/一冊
さくりつ/sakuritsu/ sakuritsu/さくりつ/冊立
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. imperial investiture
すうさつ/suusatsu/ suusatsu/すうさつ/数冊
がっさつ/gassatsu/ · ごうさつ/gousatsu/ gassatsu/がっさつ/ · gousatsu/ごうさつ/合冊
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. collection in one volume
たいさつ/taisatsu/ taisatsu/たいさつ/大冊
しょさつ/shosatsu/ shosatsu/しょさつ/書冊
  • noun:
    1. book
しょうさつ/shousatsu/ shousatsu/しょうさつ/小冊
  • noun:
    1. pamphlet;  booklet
かくさつ/kakusatsu/ kakusatsu/かくさつ/各冊
  • noun:
    1. each book (volume or copy)
べっさつふろく/bessatsufuroku/ bessatsufuroku/べっさつふろく/別冊付録
  • noun:
    1. separate-volume supplement (to)
なんさつか/nansatsuka/ nansatsuka/なんさつか/何冊か
  • expression:
    1. several flat objects (e.g. books, sheets of paper, etc.)
たんざくがた/tanzakugata/ tanzakugata/たんざくがた/短冊形
  • noun:
    1. thin rectangle


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