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しゅっけつ/shukketsu/common shukketsu/しゅっけつ/common出血

シュツ/SHUTSU/    スイ/SUI/    で.る/    -で/-de/    だ.す/    -だ.す/    い.でる/i.deru/    い.だす/i.dasu/SHUTSU/シュツ/    SUI/スイ/で.る/    -de/-で/だ.す/だ.す/    i.deru/い.でる/    i.dasu/い.だす/

exit;  leave;  go out;  come out;  put out;  protrude

ケツ/KETSU/    /chi/KETSU/ケツ/    chi//


しゅっけつかた/shukketsukata/ shukketsukata/しゅっけつかた/出血過多
  • noun:
    1. excessive bleeding
しゅっけつし/shukketsushi/ shukketsushi/しゅっけつし/出血死
  • noun:
    1. bleeding to death
しゅっけつしょう/shukketsushou/ shukketsushou/しゅっけつしょう/出血症
  • noun:
    1. bleeder's affliction
しゅっけつせいのひと/shukketsuseinohito/ shukketsuseinohito/しゅっけつせいのひと/出血性の人
  • noun:
    1. bleeder;  haemophiliac;  hemophiliac
しゅっけつはん/shukketsuhan/ shukketsuhan/しゅっけつはん/出血斑
  • noun:
    1. bloody spots
しゅっけつねつ/shukketsunetsu/ shukketsunetsu/しゅっけつねつ/出血熱
  • noun:
    1. hemorrhagic fever
しゅっけつたりょう/shukketsutaryou/ shukketsutaryou/しゅっけつたりょう/出血多量
  • noun:
    1. excessive bleeding;  massive bleeding



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