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ししゅう/shishuu/common shishuu/ししゅう/common刺繍 · 刺しゅう

/SHI/    さ.す/    さ.さる/sa.saru/    さ.し/sa.shi/    さし/sashi/    とげ/toge/SHI//さ.す/    sa.saru/さ.さる/    sa.shi/さ.し/    sashi/さし/    toge/とげ/

thorn;  pierce;  stab;  prick;  sting;  calling card

シュウ/SHŪ/    ぬいとり/nuitori/SHUU/シュウ/    nuitori/ぬいとり/

sew;  figured cloth

ししゅういと/shishuuito/ shishuuito/ししゅういと/刺繍糸
  • noun:
    1. embroidery thread



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