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ぜん/zen/common zen/ぜん/common
まえ/mae/common mae/まえ/common
さき/saki/common saki/さき/common · · 先きirregular

ゼン/ZEN/    まえ/mae/    -まえ/-mae/ZEN/ゼン/    mae/まえ/    -mae/-まえ/

in front;  before

ぜんじつ/zenjitsu/common · まえび/maebi/ zenjitsu/ぜんじつ/common · maebi/まえび/前日
じぜん/jizen/common jizen/じぜん/common事前
ぜんねんど/zennendo/common zennendo/ぜんねんど/common前年度
  • adverbial noun / noun:
    1. preceding fiscal year
ぜんめん/zenmen/common zenmen/ぜんめん/common前面
ごぜん/gozen/common gozen/ごぜん/common午前
ぜんねん/zennen/common zennen/ぜんねん/common前年
ぜんかい/zenkai/common zenkai/ぜんかい/common前回
ぜんてい/zentei/common zentei/ぜんてい/common前提
ちょくぜん/chokuzen/common chokuzen/ちょくぜん/common直前
なまえ/namae/common namae/なまえ/common名前 · 名まえ
ぜんはん/zenhan/common · ぜんぱん/zenpan/ zenhan/ぜんはん/common · zenpan/ぜんぱん/前半
いぜん/izen/common izen/いぜん/common以前 · 已前outdated
すんぜん/sunzen/common sunzen/すんぜん/common寸前
ぜんせん/zensen/common zensen/ぜんせん/common前線
ちゅうぜん/chuuzen/common chuuzen/ちゅうぜん/common中前
  • noun:
    1. front of center field;  front of centre field
せんぜん/senzen/common senzen/せんぜん/common戦前
ぜんき/zenki/common zenki/ぜんき/common前期
まえむき/maemuki/common maemuki/まえむき/common前向き
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. facing forward;  front-facing;  forward-looking;  positive;  proactive
ひだりまえ/hidarimae/common hidarimae/ひだりまえ/common左前
  • noun:
    1. going badly (one's business, one's fortune, the economy);  being in a bad financial situation
    2. wearing a kimono with the right side tucked under the left (normally used only for the dead)
まえだおし/maedaoshi/common maedaoshi/まえだおし/common前倒し
  • noun:
    1. acceleration (of payment schedule)
えきまえ/ekimae/common ekimae/えきまえ/common駅前
ぜんご/zengo/common zengo/ぜんご/common前後

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