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こう/kou/ kou/こう/
  • noun:
    1. merit;  success;  meritorious deed
    2. achievement;  accumulated experience
いさお/isao/ isao/いさお/ ·
  • noun:
    1. distinguished service;  meritorious service

コウ//    /KU/    いさお/isao/KOU/コウ/    KU//    isao/いさお/

achievement;  merits;  success;  honor;  credit

せいこう/seikou/common seikou/せいこう/common成功
くふう/kufuu/common kufuu/くふう/common工夫 · 功夫
こうせき/kouseki/common kouseki/こうせき/common功績
こうろう/kourou/common kourou/こうろう/common功労
  • noun:
    1. meritorious deed;  services
そっこう/sokkou/common sokkou/そっこう/common即効 · 即功
  • noun:
    1. immediate effect;  instant effect
ねんこうじょれつ/nenkoujoretsu/common nenkoujoretsu/ねんこうじょれつ/common年功序列
こうのう/kounou/common kounou/こうのう/common効能 · 功能
くのう/kunou/obsolete kunou/くのう/obsolete功能
そうこう/soukou/common soukou/そうこう/common奏功
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. success;  achievement;  fruition
こうざい/kouzai/common kouzai/こうざい/common功罪
  • noun:
    1. both good and bad;  merits and demerits
こうしゃ/kousha/common kousha/こうしゃ/common巧者 · 功者
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. cleverness;  skill;  tact
  • noun:
    1. clever person (in a particular field);  skillful person (skilful)
ねんこう/nenkou/common nenkou/ねんこう/common年功
  • noun:
    1. long service
ろんこうこうしょう/ronkoukoushou/common ronkoukoushou/ろんこうこうしょう/common論功行賞
  • noun:
    1. conferral of honors (honours), according to merits
こうみょう/koumyou/common koumyou/こうみょう/common功名
ぶこう/bukou/common bukou/ぶこう/common武功
  • noun:
    1. military exploits
ふせいこう/fuseikou/common fuseikou/ふせいこう/common不成功
しゅんこう/shunkou/common shunkou/しゅんこう/common竣工 · しゅん工 · 竣功 · しゅん功
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. completion of construction
いこう/ikou/ ikou/いこう/偉功
  • noun:
    1. great deed
いこう/ikou/ ikou/いこう/遺功
  • noun:
    1. works following the deceased
きこう/kikou/ kikou/きこう/気功
  • noun:
    1. breathing exercise;  breath control;  spirit cultivation;  chi kung;  qigong
きゅうじんのこう/kyuujinnokou/ kyuujinnokou/きゅうじんのこう/九仞の功
  • noun:
    1. spectacular success
くんこう/kunkou/ kunkou/くんこう/勲功
  • noun:
    1. merits;  distinguished services
ぐんこう/gunkou/ gunkou/ぐんこう/軍功
  • noun:
    1. meritorious war service
けいせつのこう/keisetsunokou/ keisetsunokou/けいせつのこう/蛍雪の功
  • noun:
    1. the fruit of diligent study

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