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ばける/bakeru/common bakeru/ばける/common化ける
  • ichidan verb → conjugation / intransitive:
    1. to take the form of (esp. in ref. to a spirit, fox, raccoon dog, etc.);  to assume the shape of;  to turn oneself into;  to transform oneself into 例文
    2. to disguise oneself as
    3. to change radically;  to metamorphose
    4. to improve unexpectedly and dramatically (esp. of an actor, artist, rikishi, etc.)
ふける/fukeru/common fukeru/ふける/common老ける · 化ける

/KA/    /KE/    ば.ける/ba.keru/    ば.かす/ba.kasu/    ふ.ける/fu.keru/    け.する/ke.suru/KA//    KE//    ba.keru/ば.ける/    ba.kasu/ば.かす/    fu.keru/ふ.ける/    ke.suru/け.する/

change;  take the form of;  influence;  enchant;  delude;  -ization



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