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ひれつ/hiretsu/common hiretsu/ひれつ/common卑劣 · 鄙劣

/HI/    いや.しい/iya.shii/    いや.しむ/iya.shimu/    いや.しめる/iya.shimeru/HI//    iya.shii/いや.しい/    iya.shimu/いや.しむ/    iya.shimeru/いや.しめる/

lowly;  base;  vile;  vulgar

レツ/RETSU/    おと.る/レツ/おと.る/

inferiority;  be inferior to;  be worse

ひれつかん/hiretsukan/ hiretsukan/ひれつかん/卑劣漢
  • noun:
    1. mean bastard;  sneak;  heel;  despicable person



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