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りん/rin/common rin/りん/common


rin;  1/10sen;  1/10bu

いちぶいちりん/ichibuichirin/ ichibuichirin/いちぶいちりん/一分一厘
  • noun:
    1. (not even) a bit of;  (not even) a hint of;  (not) an iota of
くぶくりん/kubukurin/ kubukurin/くぶくりん/九分九厘
  • adverbial noun / temporal noun:
    1. ten to one;  nine cases out of ten
ふんりん/funrin/ · ぶんりん/bunrin/ funrin/ふんりん/ · bunrin/ぶんりん/分厘 · 分釐
ぶんり/bunri/ bunri/ぶんり/分釐
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. (not) in the least;  (not) a bit;  —Obscure term.
りんもう/rinmou/ rinmou/りんもう/厘毛
  • noun:
    1. farthing;  trifle
しちりん/shichirin/ shichirin/しちりん/七厘 · 七輪
  • noun:
    1. earthen charcoal brazier (for cooking)
いちぶいちりんもたがわず/ichibuichirinmotagawazu/ ichibuichirinmotagawazu/いちぶいちりんもたがわず/一分一厘も違わず
  • expression:
    1. to be exactly alike
りんもうのけいちょうなし/rinmounokeichounashi/ rinmounokeichounashi/りんもうのけいちょうなし/厘毛の軽重無し
  • expression:
    1. equal in weight;  equal in significance


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