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めしつかい/meshitsukai/common meshitsukai/めしつかい/common召し使い · 召使い · 召使

ショウ/SHŌ/    め.す/ショウ/め.す/

seduce;  call;  send for;  wear;  put on;  ride in;  buy;  eat;  drink;  catch (cold)


/SHI/    つか.う/tsuka.u/    つか.い/tsuka.i/    -つか.い/-tsuka.i/    -づか.い/-duka.i/SHI//    tsuka.u/つか.う/    tsuka.i/つか.い/    -tsuka.i/-つか.い/    -duka.i/-づか.い/

use;  send on a mission;  order;  messenger;  envoy;  ambassador;  cause



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