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/shi/ shi//
  • noun:
    1. office (government department beneath a bureau under the ritsuryo system)  —Archaism.   律令制
つかさ/tsukasa/ tsukasa/つかさ/ · · · ·

/SHI/    つかさど.る/つかさど.る/

director;  official;  govt office;  rule;  administer

しれいかん/shireikan/common shireikan/しれいかん/common司令官
しれいぶ/shireibu/common shireibu/しれいぶ/common司令部
しほう/shihou/common shihou/しほう/common司法
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. administration of justice
じょうし/joushi/common joushi/じょうし/common上司
しかい/shikai/common shikai/しかい/common司会
にぎりずし/nigirizushi/common nigirizushi/にぎりずし/common握り寿司 · にぎり寿司 · 握り鮨 · 握鮨 · 握りずし
  • noun:
    1. nigirizushi;  hand-formed sushi with a topping of seafood, etc.;  —Food term.
こうし/koushi/common · コンス/KONSU/ koushi/こうし/common · KONSU/コンス/公司
  • noun:
    1. company;  firm (in China)
しれい/shirei/common shirei/しれい/common司令
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. command;  control;  commander
つかさどる/tsukasadoru/common tsukasadoru/つかさどる/common司る · 掌る
しかいしゃ/shikaisha/common shikaisha/しかいしゃ/common司会者
ぎょうじ/gyouji/common gyouji/ぎょうじ/common行司
  • noun:
    1. referee  —Sumo term.
しほうさいばん/shihousaiban/common shihousaiban/しほうさいばん/common司法裁判
  • noun:
    1. judicial trial
すし/sushi/common sushi/すし/common寿司phonetic reading · ·
しきょう/shikyou/common shikyou/しきょう/common司教
ぐうじ/guuji/common guuji/ぐうじ/common宮司
  • noun:
    1. chief priest  —.
しさい/shisai/common shisai/しさい/common司祭
しほうしょし/shihoushoshi/common shihoushoshi/しほうしょし/common司法書士
  • noun:
    1. judicial clerk;  scrivener
しほうけん/shihouken/common shihouken/しほうけん/common司法権
だいしきょう/daishikyou/common daishikyou/だいしきょう/common大司教
ししょ/shisho/common shisho/ししょ/common司書
しちょく/shichoku/common shichoku/しちょく/common司直
  • noun:
    1. judge;  judiciary;  administration of justice;  judicial authorities
しほうけんしゅうじょ/shihoukenshuujo/common shihoukenshuujo/しほうけんしゅうじょ/common司法研修所
  • noun:
    1. Judicial Research and Training Institute
おんぞうし/onzoushi/common onzoushi/おんぞうし/common御曹司 · 御曹子
  • noun:
    1. son of a distinguished family;  son of a noble

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