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かくじ/kakuji/common kakuji/かくじ/common各自

カク/KAKU/    おのおの/onōno/KAKU/カク/    onoono/おのおの/

each;  every;  either

/JI/    /SHI/    みずか.ら/mizuka.ra/    おの.ずから/ono.zukara/    おの.ずと/ono.zuto/JI//    SHI//    mizuka.ra/みずか.ら/    ono.zukara/おの.ずから/    ono.zuto/おの.ずと/


かくじふたん/kakujifutan/ kakujifutan/かくじふたん/各自負担
  • noun:
    1. joint and several liability;  each individual being responsible for the payment of his share of the purchase price, expense, etc.



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