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Showing entries with nouns only.
どうし/doushi/common doushi/どうし/common同士

ドウ//    おな.じ/ona.ji/DOU/ドウ/    ona.ji/おな.じ/

same;  agree;  equal

/SHI/    さむらい/samurai/SHI//    samurai/さむらい/

gentleman;  samurai;  samurai radical (no. 33)

どうしうち/doushiuchi/common · どしうち/doshiuchi/ doushiuchi/どうしうち/common · doshiuchi/どしうち/同士打ち · 同士討ち · 同士打 · 同士討
  • noun:
    1. friendly fire;  killing each other by mistake
    2. internecine strife



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