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Showing entries with nouns only.
どうおん/douon/common douon/どうおん/common同音
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. the same sound;  one voice

ドウ//    おな.じ/ona.ji/DOU/ドウ/    ona.ji/おな.じ/

same;  agree;  equal

オン/ON/    イン/IN/    -ノン/-NON/    おと/oto/    /ne/ON/オン/    IN/イン/    -NON/-ノン/    oto/おと/    ne//

sound;  noise

どうおんいぎご/douon'igigo/ douon'igigo/どうおんいぎご/同音異義語
どうおんご/douongo/ douongo/どうおんご/同音語
  • noun:
    1. homophone
どうおんいぎ/douon'igi/ douon'igi/どうおんいぎ/同音異義
  • noun:
    1. having the same pronunciation but bearing different meanings
どうおんいじ/douon'iji/ douon'iji/どうおんいじ/同音異字
  • noun:
    1. homophone;  word with the same pronunciation and similar meaning as another but a different written form
どうおんいぎせい/douon'igisei/ douon'igisei/どうおんいぎせい/同音異義性
  • noun:
    1. homophony  —IT term.



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