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/hi/common hi//common

/HI/    いな/ina/    いや/iya/HI//    ina/いな/    iya/いや/

negate;  no;  noes;  refuse;  decline;  deny

きょひ/kyohi/common kyohi/きょひ/common拒否
ひてい/hitei/common hitei/ひてい/common否定
きょひけん/kyohiken/common kyohiken/きょひけん/common拒否権
せいひ/seihi/common seihi/せいひ/common成否
さんぴ/sanpi/common sanpi/さんぴ/common賛否
いやいや/iyaiya/common iyaiya/いやいや/common否々 · 否否
ひけつ/hiketsu/common hiketsu/ひけつ/common否決
あんぴ/anpi/common anpi/あんぴ/common安否
ごうひ/gouhi/common gouhi/ごうひ/common合否
かひ/kahi/common kahi/かひ/common可否
ひにん/hinin/common hinin/ひにん/common否認
にんぴ/ninpi/common ninpi/にんぴ/common認否
  • noun:
    1. approval or disapproval
とうひ/touhi/common touhi/とうひ/common当否
  • noun:
    1. propriety;  right or wrong;  justice
てきひ/tekihi/common tekihi/てきひ/common適否
  • noun:
    1. propriety;  fitness;  aptitude
いやおう/iyaou/common iyaou/いやおう/common否応
  • noun:
    1. answer respectively agreement or disagreement
だくひ/dakuhi/common dakuhi/だくひ/common諾否
  • noun:
    1. consent or refusal;  yes or no;  decision to accept or decline;  up or down (vote);  assent or dissent;  accept or reject
ぞんぴ/zonpi/ · そんぴ/sonpi/common zonpi/ぞんぴ/ · sonpi/そんぴ/common存否
  • noun:
    1. (whether) existent or non-existent;  life or death
もくひけん/mokuhiken/common mokuhiken/もくひけん/common黙秘権 · 黙否権irregular
さいひ/saihi/common saihi/さいひ/common採否
  • noun:
    1. adoption or rejection
けんぴ/kenpi/ kenpi/けんぴ/健否
  • noun:
    1. condition of health
さんぴりょうろん/sanpiryouron/ sanpiryouron/さんぴりょうろん/賛否両論
しんぴ/shinpi/ shinpi/しんぴ/真否
  • noun:
    1. true or false
せいひ/seihi/ seihi/せいひ/正否
  • noun:
    1. right and wrong
とうこうきょひ/toukoukyohi/ toukoukyohi/とうこうきょひ/登校拒否
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. truancy

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