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ひんしつ/hinshitsu/common hinshitsu/ひんしつ/common品質

ヒン/HIN/    ホン/HON/    しな/shina/HIN/ヒン/    HON/ホン/    shina/しな/

goods;  refinement;  dignity;  article;  counter for meal courses

シツ/SHITSU/    シチ/SHICHI/    /CHI/    たち/tachi/    ただ.す/    もと/moto/    わりふ/warifu/SHITSU/シツ/    SHICHI/シチ/    CHI//    tachi/たち/ただ.す/    moto/もと/    warifu/わりふ/

substance;  quality;  matter;  temperament

ひんしつかんり/hinshitsukanri/ hinshitsukanri/ひんしつかんり/品質管理
ひんしつほじきげん/hinshitsuhojikigen/ hinshitsuhojikigen/ひんしつほじきげん/品質保持期限
  • noun:
    1. freshness assured through this date
ひんしつほしょう/hinshitsuhoshou/ hinshitsuhoshou/ひんしつほしょう/品質保証
  • noun:
    1. quality assurance;  QA
ひんしつれっか/hinshitsurekka/ hinshitsurekka/ひんしつれっか/品質劣化
  • noun:
    1. quality degradation  —IT term.
ひんしつひょうか/hinshitsuhyouka/ hinshitsuhyouka/ひんしつひょうか/品質評価
  • noun:
    1. quality evaluation;  quality assessment;  quality rating



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