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しはんき/shihanki/common shihanki/しはんき/common四半期

/SHI/    /yo/    よ.つ/yo.tsu/    よっ.つ/yoっ.tsu/    よん/yon/SHI//    yo//    yo.tsu/よ.つ/    yoっ.tsu/よっ.つ/    yon/よん/


ハン/HAN/    なか.ば/ハン/なか.ば/

half;  middle;  odd number;  semi-;  part-

/KI/    /GO/KI//    GO//

period;  time;  date;  term

しはんきしゅうえき/shihankishuueki/ shihankishuueki/しはんきしゅうえき/四半期収益
  • noun:
    1. quarterly earnings
しはんきしゅうえきはっぴょう/shihankishuuekihappyou/ shihankishuuekihappyou/しはんきしゅうえきはっぴょう/四半期収益発表
  • noun:
    1. quarterly earnings announcement



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