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しがつ/shigatsu/common shigatsu/しがつ/common四月 · 4月

/SHI/    /yo/    よ.つ/yo.tsu/    よっ.つ/yoっ.tsu/    よん/yon/SHI//    yo//    yo.tsu/よ.つ/    yoっ.tsu/よっ.つ/    yon/よん/


ゲツ/GETSU/    ガツ/GATSU/    つき/tsuki/GETSU/ゲツ/    GATSU/ガツ/    tsuki/つき/

month;  moon

しがつばか/shigatsubaka/ shigatsubaka/しがつばか/四月馬鹿 · 4月馬鹿
  • noun:
    1. April fool
    2. April fool's day
しがつびょう/shigatsubyou/ shigatsubyou/しがつびょう/四月病
  • noun:
    1. euphoria experienced by college students or workplace recruits at the beginning of school or work   五月病  /  六月病
しがつテーゼ/shigatsuTEEZE/ shigatsuTEEZE/しがつテーゼ/四月テーゼ · 4月テーゼ
  • noun:
    1. April Theses;  series of directives issued by Lenin after his return from exile



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