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しじん/shijin/ shijin/しじん/四神
  • noun:
    1. four gods said to rule over the four directions
    2. (in China) four gods said to rule over the four seasons

/SHI/    /yo/    よ.つ/yo.tsu/    よっ.つ/yoっ.tsu/    よん/yon/SHI//    yo//    yo.tsu/よ.つ/    yoっ.tsu/よっ.つ/    yon/よん/


シン/SHIN/    ジン/JIN/    かみ/kami/    かん-/kan-/    こう-/kō-/SHIN/シン/    JIN/ジン/    kami/かみ/    kan-/かん-/    kou-/こう-/

gods;  mind;  soul

しじんじゅう/shijinjuu/ shijinjuu/しじんじゅう/四神獣
  • noun:
    1. four divine beasts;  guardian deities of the four cardinal points
しじんそうおう/shijinsouou/ shijinsouou/しじんそうおう/四神相応
  • noun:
    1. an ideal topography for the four Taoist gods, with a river in the east, a broad avenue in the west, a basin in the south, and a hill in the north



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